America's over-policing bombshell: How new data proves "stop & frisk" critics were right all along

(Salon, 1/10/15)
NYPD's aggressive policy divided the city and nation into two camps -- largely across racial lines. Now, new stats say the opponents were right (MORE)

Michael Grimm's final con: How he's trying to use an election to evade prison

(Salon, 12/30/14)
The congressman's guilty plea and resignation show he was lying to voters all along -- to bargain a lighter sentence. Inside his shady ploy (MORE)

EXCLUSIVE: How Andrew Cuomo secretly worked to turn his state senate Republican

(Capital New York, 9/2/14)
Cuomo has always been careful to maintain a plausible-looking deniability when it comes to his role in keeping his own party out of power in the State Senate.

But now, multiple sources with deep knowledge of the IDC and Republican conferences’ dealings tell a different story (MORE)

DC celebrates making poor people go hungry

(Salon, 1/31/14)
Turns out there's something both sides in DC can agree on. The problem is it's depriving the needy of food. (MORE)

Why Bloomberg snapped: The real reason he hates de Blasio

(Salon, 9/10/13)
For years, the billionaire mayor's political power and cash helped prevent a sustained attack on his legacy. This time he's powerless. (MORE)

How the NRA got what it wanted

(Salon, 4/13/13)
We mocked it. But it stood strong, shifted the guns debate and won itself a sweet deal. Now who's laughing?  (MORE)

Dems' looming civil war: Liberals vs. SPECs

(Salon, 4/6/13)
When it comes to economic issues, Democrats are not a united party. On one hand are economic liberals, in the vein of Elizabeth Warren. And then there are the SPECs (Socially Progressive Economic Conservatives). Here's who's winning (MORE)
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