Ebola scare brings out Cuomo's old leadership instincts

(Capital New York, 10/27/14)
To fully understand how Andrew Cuomo views a governor‘s role in managing crises, one has to go back to what is, by his own account, the worst episode of his political career  (MORE)

What Michael Grimm has to lose

(Capital New York, 10/8/14)
The race is a crucial one for Grimm—for reasons that have nothing to do with politics at all. He could essentially be running for his freedom (MORE)

Roger Goodell, Chris Christie and the ultimate managerial cop-out

(Salon, 9/22/14)
Something awful happen on your watch? As long as you didn't know about it, you may be OK -- depending on who you are (MORE)

EXCLUSIVE: How Andrew Cuomo secretly worked to turn his state senate Republican

(Capital New York, 9/2/14)
Cuomo has always been careful to maintain a plausible-looking deniability when it comes to his role in keeping his own party out of power in the State Senate.

But now, multiple sources with deep knowledge of the IDC and Republican conferences’ dealings tell a different story (MORE)

A super PAC for the poor: How to finally get something done about economic suffering

(Salon, 5/20/14)
A vocal pope and bestselling book are nice. But to really get results on poverty? Make lawmakers fear for their job (MORE)

Preet Bharara's unique threat: Cuomo gets a critic his own size

(Capital New York, 4/14/14)
The man who’s picked fights with—and systematically disemboweled—every New York politician who’s stood in his way (or who he’s feared might stand in his way at some point) is up against a very different kind of obstacle this time (MORE)

How de Blasio can fix his press problem

(Capital New York, 3/3/14)
I'm out of the business of political communications now, after a decade working for candidates and officials on the local, state and presidential level. But if I were advising de Blasio, here's what I'd tell him (MORE)
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