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LOAN WOLVES takes viewers on a rollicking cross-country adventure as director Blake Zeff uncovers the hidden effects of America’s student debt crisis and investigates who quietly snuck through an obscure law that ignited the crisis.

In the award-winning film, Zeff ultimately unmasks and confronts the unimaginable culprit that set everything in motion. Featuring hard-hitting conversations with the nation’s most powerful politicians who had a front row seat to the events in question, this is an unforgettable and revealing documentary about the secrets underlying America's democracy and impact of Washington’s most powerful people.

LOAN WOLVES premiered at the DOC NYC film festival on November 13-14, 2022, and is now streaming on Peacock and airing on MSNBC. It continues to screen at various colleges, theaters, and venues, including the Parliament of Canada. In May 2023, the film received four Telly awards in the categories of Documentary Over 40 Minutes, Video Journalism, Government Relations and Political Commentary.

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